samedi 12 mai 2018

G1 Merchandise - Pony cake with Wilton Cake Tin!

Yes, I couldn't have the cake tin without actually TRYING to do a cake with.
That's why I choose my favorite pony, Twilight and asked help to a Pastry Chef friend!

The making off:
First we moulded a chocolate Genoise/Sponge Cake
Then we cut it to add a vanilla Butter Ccream filling with walnut sliver.
Then we iced the cake with (homemade colored) Almond Paste
And TA-DA:
Our Cake vs the Original Cake Tin
Twilight Cake vs Twilight

G1 Merchandise - Wilton Cake Tin

vendredi 27 avril 2018

G1 Merchandise/No Vintage - Bags

Not Vintage Bags with Retro Pony Art

Backbag featuring Sky Dancer (not the right pony next to it)
Purse featuring Glory